Proving your worth

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As the public sector faces cuts on an unprecedented scale communications teams are going to have to ‘prove their worth’ by explaining what they do, why they do it and how they are going to maintain crucial services.
After months of warnings, the UK’s « age of austerity » is set to begin in earnest as the government announces the results of its spending review.

Communications is likely be one of the first services to feel the impact of budget cuts, if the service is not run efficiently and is not seen to be adding value.

The role of communications is now more important than ever.

Swingeing cuts are going to impact on everyone and communications teams have a key role to play in helping to shape the way organisations respond to the tough decisions they are going to have to take.
As the public sector becomes increasingly under the spotlight, proving value for money has never been more vital. We need to prove our worth by showing that what we do is helping local communities and that it adds value.

Increasing numbers of citizens are actively seeking support and advice, and we need to make sure they have the information they need.

The danger of not responding to the challenges is that communications is relegated into the realms of ‘nice to have’ rather than mission critical.

In this edition of LGcomms News we look at what leading public sector communicators from across the country are doing to rise to the challenge of ‘proving your worth’.

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