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Amsterdam Partners was set up on 4 March 2004 as a platform for government, industry, the area and organisations with marketing and promotional objectives.

City marketing

To maintain Amsterdam’s prominent position as an attractive European capital for business and tourism, the public and private sector have joined forces and made city marketing a top priority. Marketing the city to an international audience of business people, tourists and residents, Amsterdam will be able to achieve and maintain a distinctive and relevant position. This will lead to an increase in the number of visitors and the use of products and services in Amsterdam and region.

Research has shown that Amsterdam should take advantage of the strengths of its current image, which are based on dimensions such as a cultural city, old and new, city of canals and as a meeting place, with core values of creativity, innovation and spirit of commerce. For more details on this research, download the PDF ’The making of I amsterdam‘.


Our main goal is to improve the image of Amsterdam and the region by achieving visibility of the campaign ‘I amsterdam’ among target groups and in target countries China, India, Japan and European capitals Berlin, Barcelona. We invest in the business climate by connecting the activities of the City of Amsterdam (amsterdam in business) and several government bodies, such as the Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Amsterdam (Development Company) to other promotional organisations. Joining annual foreign trade missions to target countries has been effective in establishing new business contacts and attracting companies and organisations to Amsterdam.

We understand that hospitality is a key concern in city marketing and we have therefore initiated several projects focussing on the improvement of the appearance and impression of the city, such as training programmes for staff at tourist desks or driving taxis and public transportation.

Marketing tools

Our primary marketing tools are international media campaigns, free publicity, Proud magazine, the internet portal www.iamsterdam.com, international festivals and events and merchandising. Read more.

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