About Us

A network to unite public communicators

The Europcom association is an initiative of public communicators from local, regional and national authorities.

During the first Europcom conference, set every year by EU institutions, several public communication associations met and decided to create a common association.
The third Europcom conference gave the opportunity to the association to set its founding general assembly and to gather several public communication networks:

Cap’Com (France), Communication publique (Wallonia), Comunicazione Pubblica e Istituzionale (Italy) and Dircom’ (Spain).

Very soon the Europcom association will expand on other european countries by incorporating more professional networks.

The Europcom is wide open to welcome people working in the public communication field.


Why is it important to gather?

  • to enable practitioners of public communication to exchange experiences and promote knowledge in the field of communication
  • to build bridges between professionals and academics
  • to encourage local and regional authorites to communicate on Europe
  • to bring together public communication stakeholders, to provide them with information tools, documentation and good practices in this field
  • to favour the recognition of the communication profession within public sector

Europcom preferred communication channel is the Internet, as well as scientific contributions at public communication events or meetings.


Being part of the network

On europcom.net, you will discover best practices, inspire yourself from foreign experiences or you may feel like showcasing your best communication campaign to your european counterparts!

If you need more informations, if you want to send us your contributions or to be part of the network, contact us at: info@europcom.net


Officers and Chief Executive

  • President: Jacques Moisse –  President of Communication publique Wallonie Bruxelles
  • Vice President: Dominique Mégard – President of Cap’Com
  • Vice-Président: Karl Musschoot – Head of the communications division of the Flemish region
  • Vice-President: Angel Losada - Director of the institute of european studies at the Pontifical university of Salamanca
  • Secretary: Ludwig Van den Meersschaut – Communication advisor at the Flemish  governement
  • Treasurer: Jacques Vandenbroucke – Communication advisor at the Public service of Wallonia
  • Network coordinator: Guillaume Dugravot – Communication officer at the Public service of Wallonia

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